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The 360 Framework

Make Confident Decisions with the 360 Framework

What’s the best way to understand the whole child? Abre uses a 360Framework to explain how data is used to make decisions. We group information by the natural organizations of K12 education.

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Athletic Eligibility with Abre

Coaches and schools use Abre for determining athletic eligibility. By centering all student data in one location, eligibility dashboards are easy.

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Maximizing the Impact of Your Assessment Data

Assessment is a critical part of the learning journey.  Data should be easy to access and understand, able to be filtered for student populations, grades, and much more.  The ultimate goal is the ability to take action on what we see.  Make the data work for you instead of working for the data.

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How Students Understand the Full Picture

How can students understand the full picture of their growth? Abre’s Student360 ties everything involving a student together and solves the problem of fragmentation and siloed data surrounding them. This year we’re excited to offer the Student360 to students!