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How Students Understand the Full Picture

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When you ask a student, “How are you doing in school?” how do they answer?

As a former Middle School teacher, I’m used to the singular response (good, bad, ok). Students often struggle with the HOW of answering that question. How do they know if they’re doing well or if they’re struggling? Equally important, do they understand the WHY of how they’re doing?

Usually, they’ll use grades as the proxy to answer the question. This makes sense. Grades are likely (hopefully?) a continuous metric to gauge personal performance.

But grades might not be the best metric (especially if they’re not self-reported grades – see our “What Works in Education Series“). And grades only capture the academic side of the student equation. What about behavior, soft skills, character, social-emotional health, or community skills?

Abre’s answer to understanding the whole picture is the Student360. The Student360 ties everything involving a student together and solves the problem of fragmentation and siloed data surrounding a student. We’ve always had the Student360 available to staff and families (it’s foundational to all areas of the platform). This year we’re excited to offer the Student360 to students as well!

What are the Benefits to Students?

First, schools and districts can DECIDE what a student can view. This makes sense. A third grader might not fully understand what a reading intervention plan means. We’ve built optionality into the Student360. That said, there are many benefits to bringing all data under one roof.

  1. The Student360 improves efficiencies. Students don’t need to go to many different sites and apps to find their data.
  2. The Student360 increases the engagement of students with their personal and academic growth. It provides agency to their learning.
  3. The Student360 helps students make their own, well-informed decisions about what is needed for their growth.

Want to Learn More?

We’d love to talk about how your school can use the Student360 with students.

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