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What is Really Needed in an LMS?


Learning management systems (LMSs) have become increasingly important to blended and distance learning. With schools adapting to the challenges of a pandemic, creating supports and frameworks for teachers and students are critical. Join Laura Bubnick and Zach Vander Veen in a conversation about LMSs and how they best support student instruction.

Covered in this webcast

  • Some of the biggest challenges facing Tech Directors during this Coronavirus period.
  • The more popular LMSs in K12 education.
  • The importance of a narrative when constructing online content.
  • The importance of interoperability.
  • Why chunking is very important for learning.
  • Demonstrating Abre’s Learning Management Solution.

EdTech Terms


Learning Management System. Software that delivers, tracks, and collects instruction used in online learning.

Constructivist Pedagogy

A theory in education that state learners understand and grow in their knowledge-based or prior learning experiences.



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