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How to Create, Manage, & Track Professional Development Like a Pro

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How Does a School District Organize and Deliver Professional Development?

Middletown City Schools uses Abre to organize, deliver, and track professional development for staff. Join Melissa Prohaska and Zach Vander Veen in a demonstration of Abre’s Professional Learning Solution.

Covered in this webcast

  • How to create professional learning plans for educators
  • How educators can track their growth over time
  • A demonstration of administrators creating redemption codes to track professional development
  • How to create online courses for staff in Abre
  • Best practices used by Middletown School District



Local Professional Development Committee. Most states require continuing education for their teachers. Many states use an LPDC to review the quality of such continuing education and to award credit towards license renewal.


Continuing Education Unit. Most states define a “unit” of continuing education credit. This unit can vary by state laws. Units are frequently linked to “time”. For example: In Ohio 1 unit = 10 hours of professional development.


Individual Professional Development Plan. The intent of IPDPs is to have educators thinking intentionally about they will grow professionally. It is an action plan.



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