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Cincinnati Startups Abre and Pay Theory Announce Partnership to Transform Education


CINCINNATI, April 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — (Abre), K–12’s leading administration platform provider, and Pay Theory, a Family Tech company that provides payment solutions for school districts, childcare, and families, announce their partnership to help them better achieve their shared mission of breaking down socioeconomic and technical barriers to education.

Abre is a K–12 platform comprised of education and community apps that, when grouped, form solutions to streamline experiences for all stakeholders. For example, its Plans App allows schools to develop education plans for students and professional plans for teachers. Abre’s new Payments App, powered by Pay Theory, will give families and partners a financially inclusive and secure payments experience that is fully integrated with student records and other district systems to increase automation and efficiency. Through this partnership, Abre is going to be able to offer school districts across the country the opportunity to give its families and partners a financially inclusive and secure payments experience.

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Alignment of two innovative EdTech companies to bring a new level of educational inclusivity to families.



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