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Showing Up

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Attend today, achieve tomorrow.


Learning happens beyond the walls of a physical classroom.

One common example of field learning occurs through Career and Technical Education (CTE). Students in CTE participate in work-based learning (WBL), such as internships and apprenticeships, with companies in their field of study. Students may intern at local hospitals, childcare facilities, or veterinary clinics. CTE provides comprehensive academic and career opportunities through active, real-life settings.

The Challenges

When schools, students, and business partners are involved with WBL, they face two particular challenges:

  1. Effectively, safely, and securely sharing student information between the parties to best support the student’s learning outcomes.
  2. Tracking student performance and growth through WBL.

Fortunately, Abre provides methods to address both challenges. We’re going to address the second challenge by focusing on a simple performance metric.


Abre Helps

Abre brings every stakeholder into a common platform. This means students, staff, families, and business partners have a centralized means for growing students and viewing comprehensive student profiles.

Attendance has a strong influence on student performance. Therefore, it’s vital to know if students are showing up to their internships and apprenticeships.

For business partners, taking attendance in Abre is a simple process:

  1. Login with their regular email.
  2. Navigate to their internship/apprenticeship program.
  3. Take attendance.
The Easy Way to Track Attendance

Schools Gain Valuable Insights

Beyond the value of knowing where students are, schools can also view long term trends of WBL. For example:

  • Which programs have the highest attendance rates?
  • How do students in a particular program perform academically against students who are not in the program?

These insights are quickly available to administrators.



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