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Make Confident Decisions with the 360 Framework

The 360 Framework

What’s the best way to understand the whole child?

Students are vast, complicated, and constantly changing human beings. I often think a teacher’s greatest success is the ability to surf the waves of 100s of needs. Teaching is hard. The rewards are amazing.

We also have a framework that makes understanding the whole child easier.

The 360 Framework

We think of understanding students from different levels and different views. We follow the natural organization of a school district. Data is grouped by:

  1. District360
  2. School360 (sometimes called the Building 360)
  3. Class360
  4. Student360

Why 360?

Abre centralizes all a school district’s data into one, easy-to-use solution. This allows Abre to create different views of a school’s data into a full, 360-degree perspective.

Grouping students and student data into thoughtful dashboards empowers educators to make quick and confident decisions about what support students need.

Breaking the 360 Down

Or, for our geometry nerds, the 90-degree breakdown 🙂.

The District360

The District360 is basically all the dashboards in Abre Insights that show data from the entire district. This paints big picture conclusions.

The School360

The School360 essentially works like the District360 and is accessed via the Insights App. A “filter” is applied from the get-go that only shows data relevant to the school an individual is assigned to (can feature multiple schools if they’re assigned to multiple schools). Common roles that have this ability are principals and assistant principals (school leadership).

The Class360

The Class360 rolls up data by class and groups. It is accessed via our Students App. Common roles for the Class360 are staff members (teachers and support staff).

The Student360

The Student360 hosts every bit of data about the individual student. It’s featured in all areas of the product (you can open the Student360 whenever you see an eyeball). The main area for accessing the Student360 is the Students App.

The Student360 can be viewed by ALL stakeholders: Teachers, Admins, the Student, Families, and Partners. Parts of the Student360 can be hidden from various stakeholders.

Want to Learn More?

We’d love to talk about how your school can use Abre’s 360 framework!

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